External USB Hard Drive Recovery

Principal reasons causing external USB hard drive data loss

  • Removing the USB hard drive by pulling it out directly from the computer; if the USB is writing data when you pull it out, the file system may be destroyed, resulting either in not being able to enter the drive or the data in this drive will not be seen
  • Computer virus; USB external hard drive can easily be affected by an undetected virus that may cause your data to disappear
  • Deleting the files by mistake; it can happen even to the best of us when we are not paying attention to what we are doing
  • Physical damage; considering a lot of people carry a USB drive with them at all times, the device may be exposed to a strike of some kind and you might not be able to insert it to your computer

It is possible to external usb hard drive recovery with a system from the comfort of your own computer, when the drive is not physically damaged. There are a few good recovery systems online, available for download and quick to install. One of the most appreciated ones is Salvage Data Recovery Wizard, and using this system is as simple as it gets.

First of all, you have to connect (insert) the USB hard drive with your computer. When you do that, start the Wizard and select the target of your lost data search, in this case being the USB external hard drive. Once you locate the drive, simply press the ”Scan” button. First, the Wizard will begin a quick scan to locate the lost or deleted data, and once that scan is complete, a more immersed scan will begin automatically to find additional data in your USB hard drive. Now that the scanning has completed the search, you need to preview the files found. All that is left to do, is to restore your files by clicking the ‘’Recover’’ button; make sure you save the files to a safe location on your computer. If the USB hard drive is not in any way damaged, you can just rewrite the data back later.

Be careful though, once you are sure the USB hard drive is defective, damaged or affected by a virus, do not try to record any new data on it. By doing so, you can threaten the already existing files and you may not be able recover any of them or the files will come out with inadequate data.

If the USB hard drive is physically damaged, you should entrust it with a professional company like www.salvagedata.com. That way there is no possibility for you to compromise any of the files you want to recover; a trained expert will do a better job.